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I have received guest requests from some great podcast hosts and genuinely appreciate getting the listing of shows seeking for guests. Your service has been important to my strategy in reaching more people in my niche audience. 

Posted by: Kevin Wenning 4/5 at 3:29 PM

This site has been incredibly helpful in helping me to promote my work, my book, and to expand my platform. On average I secure one to two interview opportunities week. It is so convenient and easy to use; thank you so very much! I intend to be a member for quite some time.

Posted by: John | 03/21 at 08:30 AM


I've gotten plenty of radio bookings already and been subscribed only a month or so. Thank u.

Posted by: Cynthia MacGregor | 03/05 at 08:09 AM


I am very pleased with the results of this subscription - I have completed one interview and I have three more booked - plus I have applied for at least five more. At first, the service seemed to start off very slowly with few suggestions that would work for me - but in the past month - many more really good opportunities have presented themselves. Right at this time, this subscription is proving to be a very good investment for me. Lauren McLaughlin

Posted by: Lauren McLaughlin | 05/25 at 07:08 AM


I first started using RadioGuestList years ago. Since the subject matter of my book is not what would be considered "mainstream", I wondered how it would be received by the radio community. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that many shows were open to it! No matter what your subject matter, I don't think you can go wrong with RadioGuestList. I'm happy with the results I'm getting with the premium service, and I look forward to the emails twice a week to help me continue to get the interviews I need to get the word out about my book. Thank you RGL!

Posted by: James Goi Jr. | 11/19 at 05:49 PM


I am an author who has used radio guest list as a subscriber to all alerts and targeted alerts. Both have been extremely successful for me in finding radio programs that are interested in my topic ( chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis and health.) I have found that the only limitation for me is finding the time to pursue all the shows that I'm interested in being on! I am so grateful for this service. Thanks radio guest list for all you do!

Posted by: Kat Elton | 10/23 at 12:48 PM


I’ve beena premium member for a couple of years and it’s money well spent! I’ve gotten several interviews for clients on programs and podcasts that would never have hit my radar through traditional media list subscriptions.

Posted by: Denise | 11/18 at 08:04 AM


So far things are going well. I have had a few responses and will be interviewed on a couple different podcasts. Looking forward to the interviews and seeing the results.

Posted by: Andrea | 05/24 at 07:23 AM


As a Publicist, I enjoy getting my clients on hundreds of radio shows. RadioGuestList helps to supplement my usual database with plenty of news shows and podcasts which means I can offer my guests even more great options. Thank you, RadioGuestList!

Posted by: Pavel Mikoloski, SuperPositon Publicity | 05/21 at 04:51 PM


As a filmmaker I wasn't sure how many relevant requests would come in. It took a bit, but this month I've already lined up three interviews. I really like the simplicity of the service and how easy it is to line up interviews.

Posted by: Sharon Wilharm | 05/16 at 07:24 PM


I really appreciate the opportunity reach some great shows - all the more publicity for my upcoming novel Kuwaiti Seeker.

Posted by: Jim Carroll | 04/27 at 09:25 AM


Have been with Radio Guest List less than a month and have 3 interviews scheduled. Not sure what's happening behind the scenes or what these will lead to, but so far worth the investment.

Posted by: Robb Braun | 04/01 at 12:55 PM


You guys do a great service. I have been interviewed many times via Radio Interview Guests. I am a professional full time Psychic and have had the opportunity to meet some great people around the country. You do a great job putting people together, Thank you!

Posted by: Lorna Adams | 03/31 at 03:40 PM


I was first skeptical about getting connected for interviews about my Suicide Warriors Save a Life inspirational Speaking. Radio Guest List encouraged me to be patient and keep responding to inquiries which I have been. I have got on 2 excellent interviews since.

Posted by: Dan Pelly | 02/26 at 09:19 AM


The Premium service on has been amazing! I get invited to be a guest on at least one (sometimes 3 or 4) podcasts or radio shows every week. Each time a show is aired I see a spike in sales for my new book! I shared with my Mastermind group last week. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get more exposure and increase sales.

Posted by: Irene Gabelnick | 02/15 at 05:23 PM


Great service, low price (very important for Indie authors!) and great opportunities!!! 
I only wish other PR services were this reasonable!!
Thank you!!!

Posted by: Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D. | 02/07 at 07:15 AM


I've been a Premium Member since you first started offering it, and it's been one of the most cost-effective inbound leads resources I use every day in my public relations work.

Posted by: Denise McDonald Dorman | 01/18 at 02:03 PM


Radio Guest List has been so very useful to targeting which shows I can be of greatest benefit to. They do all the work in finding the interviews and all I need to do is set them up. As a first time author, Gutsy Women Win, it has been so useful finding interviews for an author. I am so grateful for this service.

Posted by: Pat Obuchowski | 01/10 at 06:42 PM


Fascinating and very useful to see and be able to contact directly such high level radio and podcast hosts. Have booked many interviews for my PR clients (authors, small business owners, startup companies, nonprofit organizations and more). thanks Joyce Schwarz

Posted by: Vision Board Institute | 01/10 at 12:34 PM


I use the premium Radio Guest List as a part of my daily routine. It is a very valuable part of my toolchest. My PR clients have benefitted greatly from the outstanding shows and interviews available. I look forward to continuing to be a subscriber for years to come.

Posted by: Michael Stover | 12/23 at 03:56 PM has been great for me to get the word out on how to be happier and more successful.  This amazing website made it so much easier so I could focus on clients and have them email me options.

Posted by: Vernon Brown | 12/06 at 03:28 PM


RadioGuestList is so awesome! I use it on my Podcast to get Guests and I also use it when I would like to go on other peoples shows as a guest so it works out both ways for me! They make it very easy!

Posted by: The TruthSeekah Podcast | 11/23 at 07:04 AM


I have been a member for only a couple weeks, and already I have booked a few radio interviews.
I have not seen any increase in business yet, but I think it is way too soon for that.
For the price, this has been a wonderful service. I'm looking forward to see what it can do over the next couple of months.

Posted by: Paul Levin | 11/14 at 01:28 PM


I have booked several shows based on these listings, for both my animal communication business and my book. I had done independent research to try to find shows seeking guests but didn't come up with anything that I've heard of from, so this service has been a great advantage.

Posted by: Crystal Hope Reed | 10/06 at 01:31 PM


I'm a formerly homeless disabled LGBT person who became a successful hypnotherapist and entrepreneur. I joined hoping for some interviews and this did not disappoint! My interviews increased dramatically. Thanks!

Posted by: Melvin Marsh | 08/30 at 04:29 PM


I am a Neuroplastician but it has been hard to get the word out. Thanks to you I will be able to reach so many people who want to improve their focus, memory and accelerate their cognition!

Posted by: John Kennedy | 08/16 at 07:15 PM


This site has given me some great guests for my show... Its an amazing tool and I support them big time!

Posted by: kyle armstrong | 08/15 at 06:20 PM


I subscribed to RadioGuestList about 3-4 months ago. As a regular subscriber to HARO (Help A Reporter Out), it was a natural fit for me to subscribe for radio/podcast queries. My business, Standing Out Online, works with entrepreneurs and industry visionaries to help them discover their personal story to enhance their personal brand, especially using online tools and platforms. Each week, I review the queries from RGL and have pitched four of them. Each one has invited me to be a guest on their webcast or podcast. Those podcasters who also do some promo of their guests before and after are those I gravitate toward because I enjoy helping promote them and their show as well. Many podcasters tell me that I do more promo for them than many of their guests! This is what it's all about in business - especially using online tools - to help one another and double the reach we get from just our own networks. There are so many great business podcasts/shows out there and I've met such interesting people. From an SEO standpoint, I see that each of the shows where I've been a guest, are showing up in Google search results within less than 2 weeks. That's extra bandwidth, and that's good business. Sign up for the premium service as it will serve you much better and it's incredibly affordable. Thank you, RGL!

Posted by: Kate Paine | 07/26 at 04:33 PM


I joined the Radio Guest List paid premium service two months ago. Immediately I secured three national radio interviews which sent the sales of my book through the roof and also triggered three more interview requests. I love this service. It's easy to use and effective.

Posted by: Anthony Hamilton | 07/13 at 05:02 PM

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