Vernon Brown has been great for me to get the word out on how to be happier and more successful. is my website and I am the happiness coach and speaker so spreading the message on how to be happier is powerful. This amazing website made it so much easier so I could focus on clients and have them email me options.

The TruthSeekah Podcast

RadioGuestList is so awesome! I use it on my Podcast to get Guest and I also use it when I would like to go on other peoples shows as a guest so it works out both ways for me! They make it very easy!

James Goi Jr.

I first started using RadioGuestList years ago. Since the subject matter of my book is not what would be considered "mainstream" (it's about attracting money using mind power), I wondered how it would be received by the radio community. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that many shows were open to it! No matter what your subject matter, I don't think you can go wrong with RadioGuestList. I'm happy with the results I'm getting with the premium service, and I look forward to the emails twice a week to help me continue to get the interviews I need to get the word out about my book. Thank you RGL!


I’ve beena premium member for a couple of years and it’s money well spent! I’ve gotten several interviews for clients on programs and podcasts that would never have hit my radar through traditional media list subscriptions.

Paul Levin

I have been a member for only a couple weeks, and already I have booked a few radio interviews.
I have not seen any increase in business yet, but I think it is way too soon for that.
For the price, this has been a wonderful service. I'm looking forward to see what it can do over the next couple of months.

Kat Elton

I am an author who has used radio guest list as a subscriber to all alerts and targeted alerts. Both have been extremely successful for me in finding radio programs that are interested in my topic ( chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis and health.) I have found that the only limitation for me is finding the time to pursue all the shows that I'm interested in being on! I am so grateful for this service. Thanks radio guest list for all you do!

Crystal Hope Reed

I have booked several shows based on these listings, for both my animal communication business and my book. I had done independent research to try to find shows seeking guests but didn't come up with anything that I've heard of from, so this service has been a great advantage.

Melvin Marsh

I'm a formerly homeless disabled LGBT person who became a successful hypnotherapist and entrepreneur. I joined hoping for some interviews and this did not disappoint! My interviews increased dramatically. Thanks!

John Kennedy

I am a Neuroplastician but it has been hard to get the word out. Thanks to you I will be able to reach so many people who want to improve their focus, memory and accelerate their cognition!

kyle armstrong

This site has given me some great guests... Its an amazing tool and I support them big time!

Anthony Hamilton

I joined the Radio Guest List paid premium service two months ago. Immediately I secured three national radio interviews which sent the sales of my book through the roof and also triggered three more interview requests. I love this service. It's easy to use and effective.

Bernadette Harris

I signed up for the premium services and the very first email had podcast requests that were a great fit for me. I got booked immediately on the two podcast I submitted pitches for and one podcast is in the UK with over 50k subscribers. This service is worth every penny!

Janet Kleinman

This is a better service than the freebie version. The requests are or on target. Scheduled for a Chicago talk show in late July. Thanks

Abhi G

Getting exposure is super important and this is a very useful service to do it!


I really love Radio Guest List and the invaluable service that they provide. I look forward to my continued relationship with this website!!!

Emily Sidley

We love our Radio Guest List premium subscription and getting the scoop on great publicity opportunities for our clients! We've secured interviews for many of the business owners we represent, as well as for our own CEO at Three Girls Media.

Dr. John McGrail

This is an awesome service and an incredibly reasonable price. I get lots and lots of radio interviews and it's so easy because I can pick and choose the ones that are right for me.

Amanda Dobra Hope

Hey Radio Guest List! You have a great service. I have been a guest on many of the radio shows and podcasts listed on your emails. I am a self-help/spirituality author (Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First, Life Salad), speaker, and life coach and always find quality shows and great hosts to work with. Thanks! :)

McCartney Green

When I was interviewed by my business coach on a group call and asked how I was getting so many radio interviews I was proud to recommend Radio Guest List .com to my coach and everyone on the call. She posted it on the Facebook group and I was happy to see that several other speakers and authors and wellness coaches decided to take advantage of this amazing service. Thanks so much for your service !

My business of inspirational and motivational speaking (as well as being the author of 13 books) is growing and growing because of the radio interviews. I've posted many of them on my website if anyone would like to give a listen!

If I can assist anyone to achieve the same, feel free to be in touch!


This sounded too easy, but I went ahead and tried it....and it REALLY works! I've had numerous radio interviews, which have greatly increased exposure about my breakthrough system for finding your Ideal Man: Gorilla Love.

And it's also got me more book sales! The interviewers have been fun and well informed.

I highly recommend signing up for this service, it's easily worth the small price you pay!

Robert Paisola

This looks like a great service.
I pay another site over $1000 per year. They got me on MSNBC Tv Live, but this site looks like it has the right connections with the show bookers to make things happen!
I just signed up and sent my first email TODAY on today's list and got booked on Tower Talk Business Radio.
Keep it up guys and thanks!
Robert Paisola

Crystal Olivarria

I recently signed up and I have my first guest interview appearance scheduled. I am very excited and I am looking forward to the ongoing emails.

Merle Temple

Thanks to my membership, I was recently on a major radio program. Within the 48 hours following the interview, Amazon sold out of all of my four print books, and the eBook downloads exploded with over 100 downloads!

I have picked up many interviews through my membership.

This is a bargain for authors!

Judy Lair

I've been a premium subscriber for several months and am very pleased with the amount and quality of opportunities.

I've sent 15 pitches from this list and booked 14 guest appearances with requests for repeat guest spots.

I'm a busy entrepreneur and being able to receive guest appearances twice a week right to my email has been very efficient and effective.

I highly recommend this service!

Robert Thibodeau

I have only been a subscriber for about three weeks now. But the last three weeks has provided me more interviews than I had in the prior year! I am so happy with the results so far! The quality of the guests, the mutual professionalism - even a few new friends! I will continue with my subscription - if for no other reason than the information provided in the snippets! I highly recommend this service. If you are on the fence - GET OFF the fence and JOIN!

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