Robert Paisola

This looks like a great service.
I pay another site over $1000 per year. They got me on MSNBC Tv Live, but this site looks like it has the right connections with the show bookers to make things happen!
I just signed up and sent my first email TODAY on today's list and got booked on Tower Talk Business Radio.
Keep it up guys and thanks!
Robert Paisola

Crystal Olivarria

I recently signed up and I have my first guest interview appearance scheduled. I am very excited and I am looking forward to the ongoing emails.

Merle Temple

Thanks to my membership, I was recently on a major radio program. Within the 48 hours following the interview, Amazon sold out of all of my four print books, and the eBook downloads exploded with over 100 downloads!

I have picked up many interviews through my membership.

This is a bargain for authors!

Judy Lair

I've been a premium subscriber for several months and am very pleased with the amount and quality of opportunities.

I've sent 15 pitches from this list and booked 14 guest appearances with requests for repeat guest spots.

I'm a busy entrepreneur and being able to receive guest appearances twice a week right to my email has been very efficient and effective.

I highly recommend this service!

Robert Thibodeau

I have only been a subscriber for about three weeks now. But the last three weeks has provided me more interviews than I had in the prior year! I am so happy with the results so far! The quality of the guests, the mutual professionalism - even a few new friends! I will continue with my subscription - if for no other reason than the information provided in the snippets! I highly recommend this service. If you are on the fence - GET OFF the fence and JOIN!

John Fuller

Great Service! I have been getting consistent interview requests since signing up for the premium service and it has given great exposure to my book. I wholeheartedly endorse!

Carolyn Coleridge

I love radio guest list. I have been using it for a while. More opportunities for interviews than I can imagine, for my book Honor your spirit. Easy to use also.

Jennifer Ellis

I personally use the paid services and recommend them to all my clients! Amazing deal! Amazing results! Thank you so much!

kathy Strahan

Love this service. I get 4-5 interviews a month.

Mike @

I absolutely LOVE your service. It's gotten me so much media exposure.

Jonathan McCormick

I am an author and have found this service to be very useful. I have only been using it for a short time but have already been booked for 5 or 6 podcasts. It saves me the time of research for which I am very grateful.

Virginia Sollars

Have been with you a few weeks and have obtained two interviews. Yes, I think this is a great service for authors.

Julie Lewin

We love Radio Guest List ... we have been a member for about 9 months and we were getting some radio interviews. A few months ago we joined the paid subscription and we are now getting an interview every 7-10 days. It makes a huge difference to my business. Thank you so much for providing this service. :)

Laura Pennington

This has been a great service for me to connect with other entrepreneurs either to appear on my show or to appear on theirs! Definitely well worth it.

McCartney Green

I love RadioGuestList! I've had other authors and speakers ask me how I get on so many radio shows. I always send them the link for Radio Guest List.

Over the past few months I've been on seven shows AND been invited back by two of those shows.

This list has so many different niches for interviews. I'm an author (Messages from Transcendent Beings + 11 more books) and speaker and I find my categories, which are spirituality, paranormal, law of attraction, angels, overcoming trauma, helping women, helping people find real joy... all of those things and more, in multiple shows on each list.

My ONLY problem is not having enough time to query all the shows that are available. For the tiny bit of money each month, you can't beat it.

So glad I found you!

Johanna Derbolowsky

Radio Guest List is one of the best services available. I have received a lot of exposure and sales from bookings through Radio Guest List. Every person I have dealt with through your service has been professional and wonderful.

I highly recommend Radio Guest List to anyone who wants to get their word out through radio. Everyone I referred to RGL has been impressed and happy with their results.

Alison Kero

I have truly enjoyed using Radio Guest List as a way to spread my message about decluttering for a happier, healthier, more productive life.

While I knew I would be able to reach a new, nationwide audience, I didn't realize I would also have opportunities to reach a global community as well.

It's a wonderful marketing tool that has made my life's mission so much easier. I've recommended this to other business owners as well and will continue to do so.

The price is amazing and I've enjoyed meeting new people from all over the globe as well.

Anna Weber

I HAVE BEEN using your services for a very long time and have nothing but good to say! As a Literary Strategist, I scan my emails each day and if I see something that benefits my friends and other authors, I introduce them to your service - has really increased my "likeability!" factor. Thank you!

Todd Thomas

My interviews have been great fun! Plus I just love spreading my message of personal potential and genuine lasting confidence.

Laura Richardson

I have gotten so much exposure using your Premium Service. It's been a worth while marketing investment. I have been able to promote my upcoming one hour webinar class for our Divorced Divas Academy, our on-line school for separated and divorced women. I am averaging booking about 1 appearance a week. I'm so thankful because, as busy as I am with our Academy and on-line support group, you make it so easy to use your service.

Thanks so much!

Laura Richardson, Life Coach, Family Law Attorney and Certified Advanced Mediator.

Laura Pennington

In three weeks I've booked 7 podcasts from this service. Well worth it.

Kathe Kline

I'm still going strong with Thanks for the awesome service that you provide! I've gotten some fantastic guests for the Rock Your Retirement Show.

Amanda Goldman-Petri

I recently was interviewed as a Marketing Expert on over 30 podcasts and radio shows in 30 days (actually now it's more like 50+ in 60 days), with quite a few coming directly from Radio Guest List! :)

Perry Gruber

So I purchased a premium subscription two weeks ago. I was skeptical, but hopeful. The very next week I booked an interview, scheduled a second one and am expecting a third in October. I’m pleasantly surprised as already my subscription has paid for itself in this coverage of my work. If this service continues in this vein, I’m intending to keep the premium service indefinitely.

Kimberly Roberts

I have received several interviews from this subscription and in fact, I recommend this service to all my biz buddies in all the big business groups I'm in, as well as all my clients who have their own businesses! When there are so many opportunities for making the wrong turns with your hard earned dollars, this investment has already paid me back hugely!

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