Perry Gruber

So I purchased a premium subscription two weeks ago. I was skeptical, but hopeful. The very next week I booked an interview, scheduled a second one and am expecting a third in October. I’m pleasantly surprised as already my subscription has paid for itself in this coverage of my work. If this service continues in this vein, I’m intending to keep the premium service indefinitely.

Kimberly Roberts

I have received several interviews from this subscription and in fact, I recommend this service to all my biz buddies in all the big business groups I'm in, as well as all my clients who have their own businesses! When there are so many opportunities for making the wrong turns with your hard earned dollars, this investment has already paid me back hugely!


I have had 4 bookings since I started my subscription about 1 month ago. The format is fast and useful so I can determine quickly whether I would be a good fit as a guest for a particular show. Great service!

Randi Fine

Radio Guest List is a great resource for me. I find the perfect guests for my show and have booked appearances on several shows myself from the listings on Premium Service. Excellent service!!

Damien Horne

Something that's been really cool about this service is aside from getting some interviews scheduled directly from it, it's also provided me with some insight on how to approach other radio shows and podcasts. It's the kind of site that has helped me to grow my network, even outside of what it directly has to offer. Thanks for that!

Ted D. Berner

What a great service this is! I have been a Premium member for only a few months now and have lined up several interviews on interesting shows with really great hosts. This is one site I can easily recommend for anyone who is trying to get their story out to the world. Thanks Radio Guest List!

Marc Hoberman

What a great platform. Finally a way to get results that don't break the bank. I am up to my tenth radio interview and secured my first five on day one! Stations are calling me to discuss my expertise in education as well as my memoir Search and Seizure: Overcoming Illness and Adversity. I highly recommend the professionalism, ease, and result oriented platform at

Kat Elton

I would highly recommend the premium service on It has made getting appearances so much more streamlined for me and has led to a number of interviews. Thanks much!

The Douglas Coleman Show

I have received many great guests from this website. It is a great service.

Helen Cook

Radio Guest List has been a great tool for my business. I reach hosts that I didn't even know were out there - continually securing interviews for my clients.

Necie Edwards

Using your services I have been able to book numerous quality guests.

It has been a wonderful experience and saves time in searching for guests.

Susan Bremer O'Neill

I wrote my book, then floundered around to find ways to let more people know about it. Using this service has helped me not only get interviewed and recognized by more people, but, thorough having the interviews, I've also gotten better at talking about my memoir From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self. There are really great people doing wonderful things for themselves and others, and thanks to opportunities delivered right to my inbox through using Radio Guest List, I've been able to meet and get to know more. Thank you Radio Guest List!

Michael Lerman (

This is an incredible, amazing service! I have met so many wonderful people, and made very valuable connections. And for the money (pennies), this is a steal. Whether you want to be a guest on a show or you need guest, don't think twice about signing up for this service. Thank you,! You are my heroes!!!

Kevin Coolidge

I've been using RadioGuestList's Premium Interview Guest Requests for several weeks now, and I have several interviews that I am looking forward to. There's always great information and many topics I'm interested in. Currently, I'm promoting my "Totally Ninja Raccoon series" but I'm also writing books on other topics, and actually have found pod casts that interest me as a listener.

Annemarie Osborne

The Premium Radio Interview Guest List has proven to be an excellent investment. I have been able to obtain a number of interviews for my clients and continue to cultivate new relationships with media representatives.

Dr. Matthew Anderson

I look forward to every email from the Radio Guest List. Each one has opportunities that are useful to me. I have secured 7 interviews in the first two weeks of emails. At this rate I will reach my goal of 100 interviews much more quickly than I planned.

Kathe Kline

I've scheduled some great interviews with authors and bloggers to come on the podcast. This has been a great way for me to get guests for my show. Thank you for this great service!

Shawngela Pierce

Radio Guest List has been a gem for my business. I have received many interviews because I subscribed to the premium edition. These interviews have led to an increase in clients so I am very much appreciative of this service. Thank you Radio Guest List!

Bruce Wawrzyniak

This has been a real good resource for me. I have booked a handful of my clients - and even myself on a couple occasions - onto various shows, PLUS, I host a weekly show that has been able to benefit from this service as well. And the price is so reasonable that it's really hard to pass up. I already recommend it via word-of-mouth and suggest it to anyone reading this as well.

Alison Kero

This has been a wonderful service. I've enjoyed meeting a whole group of people who are like-minded about sharing wellness ideas and tips to their community and have been asked back a few times as well. I've only been doing it a little more than a month and already I'm starting to see some real benefits!

Andreas Jones

Thank you for this amazing service. I have received interview request from a plethora of podcasts.

Peggy Sealfon

Premium Service has been an excellent investment for promoting my book. So I'm planning to stay on the service to continue expanding the on air exposure of my books as well as promoting my coaching services.

I've had dozens of interviews and many of the hosts I've worked with have not only asked me back but are quite adept at social media marketing of their shows afterwards. So it's been a win win.

Tami Goldstein

These are great leads and I'm giving interviews frequently because of them. Thank you for the great service!

Allison Vigna

HI ,
This is a BIG SHOUTOUT for We have found some great people and it has made our lives so much easier and our Talk Show successful.
Just wanted to let you know we are booked months in advance.
Thank you

Sean Michael Andrews

Great job!
I received a lot of high quality candidates for my “Persuasion Podcast” where I highlight different sales and persuasion methods. I have done two interviews already and the interviewees have been top notch! Thank you!

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